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Monday, February 7, 2011

Idham Ibrahim "YESS ITS ME!!!"

This is me!, did i handsome?.
Send me a mail at: blackdoraemon360@gmail.com.

I'm not sign up Facebook, Myspace, or any social network.
Because im chat using google mail.
Sorry about that, but i will be in soon.

K-POP Tricks (7 February 2011)

When the B2ST go to FTISLAND at 2AM to 2PM in just 4MINUTE with CNBLUE, they hear someone said "U-KISS coz MBLAQ".
Well yes Victoria has a talk with Nichkhun when they watch SUJU and SNSD dance about "How to 2NE1 and get the T-ara?" on they new TVXQ.
They old TV accidently exploded like a BIGBANG.

I Write this to let all K-Pop Fans enjoy and writing it to they T-shirts.
The BLUE words means a K-Pop Celebrities.
Hope anyone enjoy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Help!! Find my favourites!!

If you know any of this programs, shows, Celebrities, and Creators.
Please find this downloads or anything else that including THIS!:

-Maher Zain
-Lady Gaga
-Ram Kapoor
-Hey Monday
-Venetian Princess (Jodie Rivera)
-FT Island
-Wali Band
-Cyril Takayama

-Llyod in space
-Adventures of Tintin
-Wow wow Wubbzy!
-Yin Yang YO!
-Special Agent OSO
-Kick Buttowski
-Jimmy Two Shoes
-Sandra the fairytale detective
-Bloody Bunny (2spot communications)
-Combo Ninos
-Digimon 1-5 (Adventure, adventure 02, tamers, frontier, savers)
-Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO!
-Johan the Young Scientist
-Skunk Fu
-Bunny Maloney
-Gloomy Bear
-The Brave Little Toaster

If you found the downloads and updates send me a mail at:

If you found it, THANKS!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My life only.

My name is Daniel Collins.
They call me Idham Ibrahim @ Malaysia.
Just call me Daget Cole or Boboy.
I Am Muslim.
I love my family much.

Not just them, i really love my favourite animation, Yin Yang YO! and Doraemon.

Other than that, i also love Paramore, Basshunter, Maher Zain, Lady Gaga, And ST12

My favourite flavour is chocolate.
I love to play computer, collecting stamps, and anything..
Well, you know it what i do next.
After i finish at school, i will be a doctor, a technicians, a car engineer, and a comic writer.
Wish my wish is come true.
Well, that's all about me, i will tell ya what's in my mind later.
Wish you all interest my blog, thanks.
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