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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My life only.

My name is Daniel Collins.
They call me Idham Ibrahim @ Malaysia.
Just call me Daget Cole or Boboy.
I Am Muslim.
I love my family much.

Not just them, i really love my favourite animation, Yin Yang YO! and Doraemon.

Other than that, i also love Paramore, Basshunter, Maher Zain, Lady Gaga, And ST12

My favourite flavour is chocolate.
I love to play computer, collecting stamps, and anything..
Well, you know it what i do next.
After i finish at school, i will be a doctor, a technicians, a car engineer, and a comic writer.
Wish my wish is come true.
Well, that's all about me, i will tell ya what's in my mind later.
Wish you all interest my blog, thanks.
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