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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Got the favourite film from some free movie watching website...

Hello guys, this is Idham Ibrahim, I wanna share something about my lucky day. I'm finally get my favourite movies from some website and some of it I get it from my friends and rip it to my PC.

First, I got Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter from my friends at some cafe, this movie is about the secret life of US President Abraham Lincoln, where he gonna hunt and kill vampires after tenses of years his mother died because killed by vampire, this movie was good and a little bit scary, but a superb action.

Next, Jake and the Neverland Pirates 1st movie, Peter Pan Returns, is out from some network cloud I get. I love this preschool cartoon because of Jake and his team mates, and of course it's Peter Pan!.

Then I get some movie watch and downloads from solarmovie.so, first I download Despicable Me, I love it because of Gru's Minions was so cute, and best of all Agnes who wanted to get a fluffy unicorn when she said "It's so fluffy, I gonna die!", OMG!, and my sisters love that scene.

And other movies like Adventures of Tintin the movie made Steven Spielberg, this Tintin movie story was taken from Herge Tintin's Comic - The Secret of the Unicorn. Finally, a scary movie from M. Night Shyamalan, Devil, this movie created from Shyamalan's own tales, but this movie is not directed by him.

 That's all I can say. I wanna say something, you can download or just watch this movies from website at: [www.solarmovie.so]

You can download some movies from this website by using applications below:
-Orbit Downloader [www.orbitdownloader.com]
-Flashgot (For Firefox only) [http://flashgot.net]
-FVD Video Downloader (For Chrome Only) [@Chrome Webstore]

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Everytime when couple'ing, one more thing...

Tengah malam...

Hello semua, this post dah buat mase tengah malam tadi. Bosanlah, asyik menghadap kat laptop je, entah ape nak buat, ni lah die...

Dan inilah desktop aku...

Terkejut, pro tak aq punye laptop, cume letak rainmeter aje, ia lebih ringan daripada Windows Sidebar (Gadgets).

And that's all, sometime saya tak sleeep sehingga pukul 2 malam semata-mata nak buat kerja kursus untuk dihantar pertengahan tahun STPM nie, aq dah masuk penggal 2, banyak sangat kerja aarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

Apa2 pun, I'm fine, harap korang semua tidur dengan aman, I tak maksudkan "RIP" okey!.

Well, Good Night!. :D

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm change my mind...

Next time I'm gonna speak Malay, because no one likes my post on 9GAG, YouTube always burn my videos, and I have a difficult education that I gonna face for. So sorry people, but I must do the change...

Wudah-udah aku cakap mat saleh nie. Lebih aku luah perasaan dalam bahasa Melayu daripada nak cari populariti!. Lebih baik aku "Find and Download some fun!" aje lagi baik.

I dah INSAF!! :D