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Saturday, February 2, 2013

BD360 Freetime Vlog (Windows 8 previews and problem why not use YouTube much!)

Hello, my name is Idham Ibrahim, also known myself as Blackdoraemon360 because I like Doraemon and I like to tweak windows and having more IT gadgets. LOL! :P

The reason why I make this vlog is I have a hard time because too much homework for school and doing study much!, because I am pre-university student, that's the reason why I'm not upload videos much on youtube.

Now I'm focusing searching gags on 9GAG, finding some new music and videos, getting some study content and having time with my family.

This video also I'm interviewing about Windows 8, I'm using it (Download that OS ISO from Softpedia.) on Virtual Machine called Virtualbox from Oracle (Who make Java too!), it's discount price already pass in 31 January, that's my bad!. :(

If you not clear about what I'm talking in this video, please comment okay.

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