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Saturday, September 21, 2013

ICE - L (lost, loneliness, and liberation) EXTENDED MUSIC VERSION [HD]

L (lost, loneliness, and liberation) performed and composed by ICE, one of the best composers in the world especially from Japan, created since 2012, from the album "Thriumphal Return of Prismatic Music".

This music can also be found on a Score-based mobile game called "Cytus" (developed by Rayark Games) on chapter 7 "Loom" as an In-App Purchase untill maybe next year (as free). Available on Android and iOS devices. Visit Cytus official site:

Warning: L with yellow colour is not exist in Cytus due to limitation of a secret song for that title.

COPYRIGHT WARNING: this video may be deleted soon during to unknown copyright take that I (Blackdoraemon360) don't know which music production it is from this music. YouTube will notificate me (Blackdoraemon360) if copyright of this content existed, except if not found this video still remain existed. The content of this video is not belong to Blackdoraemon360 (disciple third party uploader of this content).

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lost, lonelines, and liberation

I just watching YouTube about Cytus game and this is the hardest and beautiful song I've ever heard...

Friday, September 6, 2013

3 best music game to play on your device...

This is my app review and I wanna share the best music game that are totally good to play on your device (iDevices and Androids):

3. Music Hero

Pros: the game are just like guitar hero version of freedom. This game can kill my boredom by by just tappin' and enjoy the music I like, it's free and the best of all you can choose your favourite music from your music library on your device.

Cons: The scorenote of this game is random.

Device support: Android devices only.

2. Cytus

Pros: it has a default soundtrack that are totally the best to hear, me and sis play this game and tapping it much!. Unlike music hero, the score note of this game was totally sorted according to it's soundtrack.

Cons: Limited music, hard to play, paid on iOS except android.

Device support: all Apple devices especially iPad (Cost $0.99 or RM3 at Malaysia on itunes), free for all android devices (the limited feature on this game is only about restarting the same music).

1. Beathazard Ultra

Pros: this game is freakin' my eyes so bad like a disco ball. This game is a space themed music game that will make you a badass music gamer. However, it's almost hard like Cytus but it's fun and addictive!, the music selection of this game is freedom like music hero but it has also have an own soundtracks. Warning: this game has photosensitive seizures, you lower the brightness to play this game for safety.

Cons: Goddamn expensive!.

Device support: all Apple device especially iPad, also available on android devices especially Samsung Galaxy devices (Cost $4.99 and RM17 in Malaysia at Google Play Store and AppStore). Also available on PC.