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Friday, October 11, 2013

Music prediction for new chapter of Cytus - Valhalla by Xi

Over 3 weeks since Cytus reached to 300,000 paid downloads, it may take 3 months to unlock free chapter for free and making one new chapter.

As Rayark Games is working on that right now, they also revaled new chapter called 'Symphony', it will be available next year after chapter 9 and chapter 10 is finished.

Anyway, I want to share something about that, I wish Rayark could make this song to some chapter. I expect it will be in chapter 9 'Buried', a music called Valhalla by Xi (as I expect).

This video was fan made by myself to predict some song for Cytus 5.0. Wish it will be available because it could be fun, as I hope.

Download links:

Project images of this video:

Default images for this song:

Preview length music:

Cytus length music (As I expect):

Full length music:

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