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Friday, March 14, 2014

NeLiMe - Codename_Zero [DoubleRepeat Edit]

So I was bored not to do something and I decided to upload my custom music video from my favourite artist. The music on this video was not belong to mine, it was from NeLiMe, but this song are edited a bit.

As it is, this song was also available on a popular rhythm game called Cytus (published by. Rayark). Yeah, I'm also played this song and it's freaking hard!!!.

The characters on this video are based on music title. So I search an anime characters that their name are "zero". Pretty interesting right!. This is who is included:

- Original Zero (The King Of Fighters): http://goo.gl/KPXvSz
- Zero (Invisible Network Of Kids): http://goo.gl/2cGUqC
- Megaman Zero (Megaman X): http://goo.gl/lMa4to
- Zero/Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass): http://goo.gl/h0CgwD
- Zero (Vampire Knight): http://goo.gl/xjjdqP

Music download:

Please Enjoy!.

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