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Friday, April 10, 2015

Channel purifying...

Hey guys!. I'm back!.

I have a bad channel news, because why my channel has a few videos and it become decreased?. Is because I've done so much mistakes. Many of my videos are from other resources or not my original videos and it cause my channel getting a red cards that disables some of my channel features.

So I decided to give my channel a rest and I will not upload any videos except I can only do that on my facebook page (you can find me by searching "Idham Ibrahim") and in my MediaFire cloud because it is much safer.

This problems about managing YouTube channel reminds me to Ryan Higa's "My Addiction" video about addicted to YouTube is also leads you to "A gateway to caffeinated meth". Logically Meth is a drug, it causes you death if you addicted too much. Same to someone who addicted to YouTube, when you addicted too it by watching too much YouTube videos and then you decided to signing yourself up to YouTube to make your own video. But if you done a mistakes like me by copying other peoples materials especially copyrighted materials, you will have a bad trouble. And if you done it repeatedly it can leads your channel to FORCE DELETION by official YouTube because you've done it bad by not following the YouTube rules, and that's how your YouTube life goes to "Gateway to caffeinated meth", EXCEPT if you following the rules and make your own videos with your contents it will be okay to you.

I've learned lot of lessons from YouTube and from now on I will make or record my own videos. That's all. But for now, I have my own life to do. I'm not a good vloggers and I should deserve this.

Find out about YouTube rules about copyrights:

By now, I was trending about my favourite mobile games, and yeah!. I'm still with Cytus and Jacob Jones. But the developers of these games are trending these!:

Rayark Games (developer of Cytus) is up with their latest game and is far more different than their previous games called "Implosion - Never Lose Hope". It is now released on iOS and will be released soon on Android in 16 April.

While Lucid Games (developer of Jacob Jones) is bring the heat with their latest game called "Geometry Wars 3 - Dimensions". They also updated the free, new version of the game (codenamed "Evolved") after the game was nominated in BAFTA 2015 Game Section.

I'm honestly not played these new games yet because I don't have my own debit card with online purchase feature yet. But I will get these especially Cytus and Jacob Jones when I get my own debit card and an iPad.

By now, I have a job. I might busy every time. That's all and I hope you guys understand what I am done from before till today.

You can find out about me at social media:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idham360
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/IdhamMIO

Have a great day!.  ;)

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